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Burnout Prevention

Introduction to Stress and Burnout

Short-term stress can be acutely beneficial, tuning up the brain to improve performance and health.

But once burnout takes a hold a result of chronic stress, even small tasks feel insurmountable. More than 84% of productivity loss is directly related to mental and / or physical health from burnout. Mental health is non-negotiable, for yourself and those around you in and outside of work. 

Get in touch if you are looking to build a culture of care in your organisation, optimise employee physical and mental health with our Organisational Psychologist, Health Coaches, longevity and health professionals. 

What does burnout look like?

Learn to recognise the symptoms of burnout, and ways to beat it. We work with corporates to help their employees better manage stress, prevent burnout, and build resilience. If you are a champion of mental wellbeing and employee engagement, come talk to us about putting strategic mental wellbeing practices into action at your workplace so that you and your colleagues can thrive in the new normal.