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Your step by step journey
Getting to know you

We build your health and wellbeing profile by gathering evidence about your lifestyle and body. At Chi Tree Health we don’t just rely on questionnaires, we deep-dive into your latest health assessments to produce detailed reports and valuable suggestions on how to improve your health.

Digging into the data

Our dedicated team of practitioners adopt a whole-person treatment approach, with a focus on treating systems not symptoms. We are committed to providing comprehensive care, curating a personalised programme aimed at optimising every aspect of your well-being.

Testing & navigation

Some clients might need more health detective work to uncover data trends and root cause issues. At Chi Tree Health we have a wide range of precision tests and analytic tools to ensure you have a complete understanding of your pathway to optimal health.

Personalised programmes & dashboards

Here’s where it gets interesting. You’re unleashed with your own customised dashboard to monitor key health markers, as you embark on a fun, insightful and rewarding journey to better health.

Continuous Engagement & Coaching

Our health coaches will remain in regular contact to support you on your adventure. As a member the Chi Tree Health community, you will have continuous access to insights, education and events, to help drive results and sustain the changes you have made.

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Patients aided by Health Coaches saved US$412 per patient per month.

Our health coaches have a working knowledge of diet, lifestyle and nutrition. They understand how these contributors to health affect your body and help you to improve your health outcomes, manage chronic conditions, and reduce healthcare costs. Work with our health coaches, and attain your health goals over a period of 6 months.

Your health data and our expert advice all in one place, and at your fingertips.

Link up your devices to track your clinical, lifestyle and nutritionaldata, and monitor your progress in real time.

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