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Preventative Health Screening

Singapore’s first longevity-led health screen and health optimisation programme


Start adding quality years to your life

Live better for longer

Not all health screens are created equal. A broad and deep screen, accompanied by lifestyle assessments and health coaching, are essential for monitoring health status, detecting potential health issues early on, and taking proactive measures to optimise your health and prevent the onset of chronic disease.

Be.Active, Be.Energised, and Be.Dynamic – our three tier health screen and optimisation programmes are designed to build the healthiest version of you and your workforce.










All packages include:

Be.Energised and Be.Dynamic also include:

Health optimisation with Chi Tree Health

Chi Tree Health is a leading provider of preventative health services, aimed at optimising workforces and individuals, treating the whole person, not just the symptoms of an illness. Offering Singapore’s first longevity-led health screen, diagnostics, diet, exercise, mental  wellbeing and lifestyle assessments, we make health transformations attainable.


Our multidisciplinary team of longevity and health experts, dietitians, organisational psychologist, and health and wellness coaches offer a precise and personalised journey to sustainable better health. Start adding quality years to your life. Live healthier, better, and longer with Chi Tree Health.


Support a culture of care


Optimise employee health


Increase productivity, reduce absenteeism


Deliver cost savings


Improve talent acquisition & retention


Advance ESG goals