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Chi Tree Health is a leading provider of preventative health services, aimed at optimising individuals, treating the whole person, not just the symptoms of an illness.

Offering Singapore’s longevity-led health screen, physical & mental health, cognitive and lifestyle assessments and diagnostics, we make health transformations attainable. Our multi-disciplinary team of longevity and health professionals, dietitians, organizational psychologist, and health coaches offer a precise and personalized journey to sustainable better health.

Our multidisciplinary team of longevity and health experts, dietitians, organisational psychologist, and health and wellness coaches offer a precise and personalised journey to sustainable better health.

Start adding quality years to your life. Live healthier, better, and longer with Chi Tree Health. Read more.

600,000+ people successfully optimised their health through adhering to a three-week plant based eating pattern. It promotes health, prevents and even reverses chronic diseases.

Even the new Netflix docuseries ‘Blue Zones’ lauds benefits of a plant-based diet. Can this nutritious diet plan designed for taste improve your wellbeing? Find out more, sign up today, and let’s see your results in 20 days! Read more.

Do you know how much sugar is in your diet? Are you constantly feeling tired? Are your blood sugar levels suboptimal? If these sound familiar, then the optimising blood glucose programme is for you.

Discover how food affects your health with personalised insights and expert advice. During this program, you’ll be wearing a continuous blood glucose monitor which gives you real-time information while it continuously and automatically measures your glucose levels.

This information is shared with your health coach who navigates you on how to best use this information in everyday life.

Heart Health Programme

This programme aims to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by making lifestyle modifications to improve your heart health, such as: eating healthy, being physically active, getting optimal sleep, managing stress, losing weight (if necessary), and avoidance of tobacco and alcohol.

Modifying these specific health behaviours has been shown to reduce blood pressure, lower blood cholesterol and improve blood glucose– which are risk factors in cardiovascular health.

Over a 4-month period, you’ll receive learning and guidance cards on how to make these lifestyle modifications. You'll also receive up to 8 in-clinic or online-based health coaching sessions. Your health coach will monitor and support you in making the changes you are prepared to make and achieve your health goals.

Taking control of your nightly sleep quality is a powerful step towards better health and better performance at work.

Learn expert techniques ?? that combat poor sleep as we embrace the mind-set that wellbeing not only drives personal health, but our ability to manage stress at work.

This is a dual programme curated by our organisational psychologist and health expert that explores the link between sleep, work and wellbeing.

There are 100 trillion microbes in you, ten times the number of our cells and one hundred our DNA. Our gut houses between 70% to 80% of cells that make up our immune system and contains 2 to 5 million microbial genes that influence many other processes. Because the functions of a healthy gut microbiome are so diverse, any number of symptoms can appear due to an imbalance of beneficial gut bacteria.

Strengthen your gut microbiome with our educational program that includes optional microbiome analysis and therapeutic supplements tailored to your needs.

This programme arms you with powerful tools for better nutrition! It covers dietary changes with a behavioural change framework, looks at food cravings and addictions, resets your taste-buds, and helps you to cultivate a healthier relationship with food.

This is one of our foundational programmes emphasising food as medicine, delivering the principles of nutritional science.

If you need help with balancing your hormones, this is the programme for you. Our Women’s Health Programme covers advanced hormone testing, comprehensive blood and full body assessments, nutritional and botanical supplements, dietary and lifestyle considerations, and mindset practices to support you through this challenging time of change.

Formulated by a women’s health expert who specialises in thyroid, adrenal and hormonal health, understand what’s causes the changes in your body, and get your hormones working for you.

Our musculoskeletal health is often an area that is neglected, with the risk of fractures and falling increasing as we age.

Build resilience and reduce inflammation ?? as this programme guides you step by step to optimal health??. Take control to nourish and improve your musculoskeletal health by addressing and reversing the known triggers where it starts; from your food, nutrient absorption, stress and poor lifestyle choices. Include exercise??

Corporate Programmes

This Organisational Psychologist-led programme is suited for companies committed to cultivating a work environment that protects employees against stress and burnout. As this programme will be tailored for your organisation, please get in touch for further details.

This Organisational Psychologist-led programme is designed to foster and harness psychological capacities of hope, efficacy, resilience and optimism. As this programme will be tailored for your organisation, please get in touch for further details.

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With licensed medical oversight, and staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of doctors, certified practitioners and health coaches, we work with our clients to live better for longer.

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