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Why employee health and mental wellbeing is so important

Of companies invested in new health programmes in 2021


Of companies already “nudge” employees to make personal wellness choices


Investments in employee health & wellbeing has delivered a measurable return

For Businesses

Employee expectations are changing, and wellbeing is a top priority. Improving employee wellbeing isn't just an exercise in altruism, but developing a culture of care in your organisation now pays dividends.

Build a healthy and dynamic workforce that helps your organisation thrive. Employers who offer health and mental wellbeing gain measurable benefits, from higher productivity and profitability, to lower turnover.

Well-designed and research-informed wellbeing and strategies and initiatives provide all-important organisational resilience. Find out what your employees rate important, and offer what matters to them and their families.

The business case for improving employee health and wellbeing is compelling, as is the resiliency that is created through employee wellbeing.

Learn more about stress management & burnout prevention.

How we assess employees

Not all have to go through a six month health optimisation journey. We have a light, medium and hight touch solution.

Start with a health screen, and a mental health assessment designed by our Organisational Psychologist. All results are reviewed by our Medical Doctor, and further specialist testing will be recommended only if necessary.

We’re offering you and your employees Singapore’s first longevity-led health screen, diagnostics, diet, exercise, mental wellbeing and lifestyle assessments designed to optimise your health with the aim to reduce long-term medical claims. Work with our longevity experts, understand your health data to make informed lifestyle changes, integrate your devices to track your progress real-time, and stay on track with the support of your health coach. Re-test in six months to measure your progress.

Start adding years to your life with targeted and measurable health transformations. Or get to the root cause of health conditions you have been concerned about. In addition to the health screen, diagnostics, and lifestyle intervention support mentioned above, our high-touch programme gives you increased access to our longevity experts and health coaches. Let our multidiscipline of longevity experts help you to understand your health data like never before, and take control of your health. Live healthier, better, and longer with Chi Tree Health.

Do your employees feel empowered, or are they holding back from helping your business thrive to its fullest?

Explore a strategic approach to employee wellbeing at your workplace.

Discovery phase

Diving into your data

Tailored Solutions

Evidence-based programmes

Change for lasting impact

Discovery phase
  • Employee surveys
  • Interviews
  • Focus Groups
Diving into your data
  • Analysis of new or existing surveys
  • Identify problem areas
Tailored Solutions
  • Defining segment needs and appropriate intervention
  • Talks / workshops / webinars / consultations
Evidence-based programmes
  • Content development, and implementation of tailored programmes.
Change for lasting impact
  • Continuous monitoring to drive employee and organisational performance
  • 1:1 consultations / clinical or coaching support
Meet Ella Hutton, Organisational Psychologist

Ella integrates psychological, psychiatric and organisational perspectives to enhance mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Through evidence-based application of research and theory, Ella works with our corporate clients to support their people in becoming the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves at work.

Meet Dr Naras Lapsys, our Senior Dietitian

Dr Naras has been an accredited practicing dietitian and sports dietitian since 2014. Dr Naras’ interests span a vast range of health issues ranging from management of chronic health conditions such as heart disease diabetes and hypertension. Dr Naras is also an expert in weight management, irritable bowel syndrome, PCOS, plant-based eating and pregnancy nutrition. As a sports dietitian, Dr Naras has worked with individuals from beginner through to elite status.

Featured article
Our team of Organisational & Clinical Psychologists are here to help you optimise the mental wellbeing of your workforce, and build a culture of care. We work with our corporate clients on a number of trending topics, and address orgnisational-specific challenges, where required.

    Webinars & Talks

    A culture of wellbeing requires vigilance and monitoring as a C-suite priority to safeguard a company’s most crucial asset: its workforce and intellectual capital. The best employees will gravitate to organisations that offer the best work environment and experience.

    Our tailored talks and workshops are designed to generate sustainable engagement, and amplify the voices of your people.

    Burnout Prevention

    Burnout prevention is a shared responsibility between organisations and individuals. What trigers, and protection mechanisms, can be adopted to protect yourselves?

    Client Testimonials

    Our appreciation to Chi Tree Health for their outstanding 2023 World Mental Health Day webinars. We had nearly 1000 virtual attendees over two talks.

    Commendation for their subject matter expertise that came through the talks which resonated with our colleagues across the Asia Pacific Region. We value their dedication, and look forward to continuing our partnership to optimise both physical and mental wellbeing across our organisation.

    Huong Tran & Eve Tay, Regional Total Rewards, Chubb Asia Pacific

    Many thanks for the amazing collaboration! We saw a great turnout, with over 80 cast members (employees) joining us in person and online.

    Close to 75% reported a positive to extremely positive impression of the session, claiming that it was insightful and engaging. Others also said that it was very helpful and relevant in the current climate.

    We look forward to the follow up sessions.

    The Walt Disney Company SEA

    “World Mental Health Day was a 10 out of 10 event! Our people loved the session. Thank you, Chi Tree Health, for making World Mental Health day what it should always be – a day filled with fun, laughter, authentic conversations and powerful sharing… may the impact that was felt in today’s session be like the seeds we sow in our gardens to bring fruit and sweet harvest in the days to come.”

    John Su, Director Global Health & Wellbeing, Unilever SEAA

    “Thank you so much for going above and beyond every conceivable expectation in helping me deliver on my vision of wellbeing. I am grateful for the thought and effort you’ve put into this collaboration - it truly is intuitive relationships like this, that make huge differences to the world we live and work in.”

    Dr Shamandree Govender, Wellness & Engagement Office, Accenture