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  • Working with clients to determine their own path to wellbeing that is aligned with their values
  • Whole food plant-based nutrition
Hello from Lisa

Lisa is a Certified Health and Well-Being Coach by Wellcoaches, a graduate of Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program by the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, and a graduate of Nutrition and Healthy Living Certificate Program by eCornell.She is currently undertaking a Master’s Degree Course in Integrative Health and Wellness with Creighton University School of Medicine.

Lisa supports our clients and their journeys to optimal health and wellbeing. She believes that a large part of building a healthy lifestyle is taking ownership of their lives in achieving better health outcomes.

Using the principles of lifestyle medicine, Lisa integrates whole food plant-based nutrition exercise, sleep, stress management, avoidance of harmful substances and positive social connections – which are at the core of health and wellbeing – to programmes personalised for our clients.


Certified by Wellcoaches, M.S. Student of Integrative Health & Wellness, Creighton University, B.S. Business Administration, University of the Pacific

"You are the expert of your life.
We simply help to mobilise your motivations to enact behaviour change."
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Genuine empathy, care and unconditional positive regard, regardless of where our clients are in their health journey.

The lack of boundaries between work, personal and social life, thanks to easy access to mobile devices. We carry devices with us, and it’s too easy to remain switched on to email, social media posts, and WA messages that keep coming in! I’d also like to be more connected to nature.

My bible, a photo of my beautiful family, and a boat!

We can all use with a health coach. Find out more about the role of health coaches to motivate positive change.
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