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  • Counselling & personalised dietary plans
  • Management of health-related conditions
  • Gastrointestinal health
  • Anti-aging medicine
  • Health-span & longevity
  • Corporate health assessments
  • Sports / athletic performance

Dr Naras has been an accredited practicing dietitian and sports dietitian since 2014. Dr Naras’ interests span a vast range of health issues ranging from management of chronic health conditions such as heart disease diabetes and hypertension. Dr Naras is also an expert in weight management, irritable bowel syndrome, PCOS, plant-based eating and pregnancy nutrition. As a sports dietitian, Dr Naras has worked with individuals from beginner through to elite status.

Dr Naras is board certified in anti-aging medicine and has expertise in health-span and longevity medicine.He is a member of theScience Advisory Board at Alexandra Hospital’s Healthy Longevity Medical Clinic, and he is an Expert Panelist at Babycenter.com.

Dr Naras holds a Bachelor of Science degree (Honours) in molecular genetics from Flinders University, a Masters degree of Science (Nutrition & Dietetics) from the University of Wollongong, and a PhD, Medicine from the University of Adelaide. Dr Naras is also the Chief Clinical Officer at Chi Longevity.

"Distill health & medicine, and deliver it in a way that is practical and easy to implement"
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I have always been interested in health, from just about every perspective. I spent many years building up a strong knowledge base and continue the journey of lifelong learning till this day. I am genuinely at my happiest when I am helping others improve their health, fitness, and outlook.

Most people are now working hard to make positive health changes in their lives. It is difficult to change habits; much easier to just sit back and do little. One of the greatest rewards is seeing my clients achieve goals that they have worked really hard to make happen. When people make the effort to change habits, it puts a big smile on me..

There’s no better time to start on the course for a healthier life. I am a scientist, researcher, consultant dietitian and longevity medicine practitioner at Chi Tree Health. The combined knowledge, current research & science, and important tools are what I bring to help our clients prevent, manage, or even reverse chronic health conditions.

Sleep is paramount to my ability to do everything I need to get through each day. In order to keep my clients motivated, to keep abreast of the literature, to come home and have the ability to engage with my family, and to exercise, I need to be on top of my sleep game. If I get into sleep debt, I have to get those credits back ASAP or my mood and performance suffers.

Food, exercise, and lifestyle are all intricately intertwined. I use them as levers to manage my health and my life. On any given day, week, or month, each of these levers can be pushed or pulled in the right (or wrong) direction. I find that keeping them balanced makes all the difference.