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Hello from Amirah

Amirah was the first Singapore-based health coach for Fitbit at Google. She has successfully helped individuals achieve their health and wellness goals by utilising behaviour change tools and strategies.

She has conducted live cooking demonstrations for groups on cooking healthy food. She has also appeared on the news of Berita Mediacorp and Suria television in their health program and as an expert speaker discussing healthy food options and diet-related chronic diseases.

Amirah is a keen cyclist, and in one of her biking adventures, she conquered the Dolomite Mountains.


Amirah attained her bachelor's in food and human nutrition at Newcastle University in The United Kingdom. She is a qualified nutritionist recognised by the Singapore Nutrition and Dietetic Association (SNDA). She holds a certificate in culinary health coaching from the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and a graduate of Wellness Counseling Certificate program from Cornell University.

"Everything in moderation"
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I’m most excited about bringing the benefits of health coaching to the forefront of my clients’ radar. Making health and lifestyle changes is not easy, but, with the right guidance, support and motivation, it’s much easier to achieve our health goals.

“Everything in moderation, including moderation”, Oscar Wilde. Don’t binge, don’t abstain, but do take it easy on the bad stuff.

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