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Are you eating food, or food-like substances? How do you know the difference? And why should we care?

The average modern day diet consists of over 60% processed, addictive, and nutrient-depleted foods that result in obesity, and drive many to consume increasing amounts of “food-like substances”, craving for the missing nutrients our body desperately needs. This creates bodies that are overfed but completely under-nourished that feel sluggish, tired, and depressed. These symptoms, amongst others, happen slowly over time. Can you relate?

Wednesday, 16 November 2022, 1.30pm – 2pm.

Chi Tree Health, 168 Robinson Road, Capital Tower, Level 9.

What’s the talk about:

Join us - Founder of Oh My Goodness! Ramya Ragupathi, and our Naturopath & Nutritionist, Alicia Davenport - as they remove the confusion out of reading food labels and understanding what it is you're eating.

Alicia will expand on how we can best maximise our diet, and use the special ingredients found in real foods such as phytonutrients. These special plant molecules interact with your biology and act like switches on your DNA to heal your body. Alicia will share with you the latest research, and top nutritional tips.

Together we'll discuss why, what you put at the end of your fork is more powerful medicine than any tablet you can take. Given the chance, our body when healthy will naturally gravitate towards real foods, we’ll show you the short cuts. We look forward to having you join us for this interactive talk.

Meet the speakers:
Alicia Davenport
Naturopath & Nutritionist

Alicia is an advocate for changing our current healthcare model to one that is dedicated to prevention and improved management of complex, chronic disease.

Her clinical approach identifies the cause of problems with respect to allergies, diet, micronutrient status, lifestyle and energetic changes; it has been highly successful at tackling the majority of chronic medical ailments.

More on Alicia’s credentials.

Ramya Ragupathi,
Founder & Director, Oh My Goodness!

Ramya started baking when she was 16, and went on to love cooking and mixing cocktails – this was her ‘thing’ and the kitchen was her ‘place’. Turning 30 sparked off a personal journey towards health and wellness in a bid to eliminate her chronic health issues. Her success led to a keen interest in food science, driven by a profound appreciation of the notions that food is medicine and “you are what you eat.”

Oh My Goodness! is the culmination of Ramya’s health and wellness journey resulting in an intrinsic understanding of her customers and their needs and in turn, a delectable range of products. Today, she is hell-bent on bucking all bad trends and giving free-from food the good rep it deserves – all while educating the world on what’s going into their bodies, practising inclusive hiring and pushing forth in her #towardszerowaste mission.

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