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The trouble with always being switched on!

Wednesday, 12 October 2022, 12.30pm – 1pm.

Chi Tree Health, 168 Robinson Road, Capital Tower, Level 9.

What’s the talk about:

The ability to mentally disconnect from work is crucial for health and mental wellbeing. What actions can we take to protect ourselves against (techno)stress, ensure that we psychologically detach from work, and have sufficient opportunity for recovery to reduce the onset of chronic illnesses.

This session will feature a live sound bowl healing session led by The Curious Yogi, Suchi Arya. Sound healing is non-evasive, non-religious, and free of side effects. Sound and vibration produced by the singing bowls reach deeply into our bodies, and restores balance and harmony at the cellular level. Medical studies have found sound and vibration improves physical conditions and general wellbeing, such as pain relief, anxiety, improve sleep, memory & focus.

Meet the speakers:
Mariella Hutton
Organisational Psychologist

Ella integrates psychological, psychiatric and organisational perspectives to enhance mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Ella works with our corporate clients to support their people in becoming the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves at work.

More on Ella’s credentials.

Suchi Arya
The Curious Yogi

Namaste everyone! I have been in my yoga journey for a few years but I truly fell in love with it in 2020 through the pandemic. Meditation is not about being still and serious, it's about being present, being conscious and being open to what comes next. I am honoured, and humbled, to share my practice with you.

RYT 200-hr Vinayasa Teacher from Hom Yoga Singapore, certified Sound Bowl healer, and currently completing RYT 200-hr Instinctive Meditation.

Check out weekly new meditations on Youtube: The Curious Yogi and Instagram. Recent videos include:

- 10-min meditation: Come Home to Yourself

- Full Moon Guided Meditation

- 10-min morning Gratitude Meditation

For freshness and turnaround, Bamboo Bowls requires lunch orders to be submitted by 12pm, Tuesday 11th October.
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