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The wisdom behind workplace wellbeing
Tech-enabled health analysis, assessed by experts for optimal vitality

Take a fresh look at the benefits of preventative health care with our personalised programmes, insightful support and tailored coaching.

Personalised support
from our health experts

Our expert health practitioners provide insight and recommendations based on the in-depth data analysis, creating personalised programmes with ongoing coaching to help your people live better for longer. All screened and overseen by our medical board.

Understanding the impact
of low employee wellbeing

of employees experience recent increase in workplace stress

(Robert Half Talent Solutions, 2021)


of employees are less likely to leave the company if the employer offers digital health solutions

(Mercer 2019/2020)


of compensation claims involve a mental health condition are linked to work related stress or mental stress

(Safe Work Australia, 2010-11 & 2014-2015)

Discovery Calls

15 minutes is all your need to understand how we can jointly work on your unique body systems. Let us navigate you to better health.

Singapore’s first longevity-led health screen

Elevates you to optimal health. Start adding quality years to your life.

Our approach to workplace health and
well-being means fewer insurance claims

Our tech-enabled health analysis, which is assessed by experts allows us to provide personalised programmes for optimal workplace vitality. Designed and tailored to help your policyholders live better for longer.

Tech-enabled analysis
for preventative health and wellbeing

A healthy body and mind are the key to a happy long life. Working with established health practitioners, our data-led analysis offers thorough insights into your health. Our personalised coaching is designed to help you live better for longer.

Your journey to better health

Getting to know you

Digging into the data

Testing & navigation

Personalised programmes & dashboards

Continuous engagement & coaching

For wellbeing impact
you can measure,
contact us today.